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LMS3.2 - Topology Maps not going red

I'm experiecing an issue similar to that in, whereby device icons on the Topology Services Campus Maps are not turning red when the device goes down, unless I manually close all of the Topology Services windows, and then re-open Topology Services from fresh.

I've followed the steps in the above forum post, including adding entries to my local hosts files and turning on the various status, frontend, core, and corex debugging under Campus Manager > Admin > Debugging Options > Data Collection - but the issue still persists.

Is there anything else I need to configure to get the devices to dynamically turn red/green? According to the logs I can see, the poller knows that the devices are up or down, and the Device Poller is set at 10 minutes, but Topology Services doesn't seem to dynamically refresh the icons.

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Re: LMS3.2 - Topology Maps not going red


For all those who are interested, the answer seemed to be to update to CiscoWorks LMS 3.2.1 - also known as CiscoWorks LMS 3.2 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

This seemed to resolve the issues I was having; although I did also have to rebuild my entire CiscoWorks LMS setup by installing from scratch and re-setting all fifty million variables.

Update all CiscoWorks Application Software versions

It's also worth making sure that your CiscoWorks Suite Software Applications are as up-to-date as possible by going to

Common Services -> Software Center -> Software Update.

At time of writing, the latest CiscoWorks Suite Software Application versions are:

       Bundle Name        Version

1.     LMS                    3.2.1

           Product Name                            Version With Patch Level

1.         Campus Manager                       5.2.2

2.         CiscoView                                  6.1.9

3.         CiscoWorks Assistant                1.2.0

4.         CiscoWorks Common Services    3.3.1

5.         Device Fault Manager                  3.2.1

6.         Integration Utility                         1.9.0

7.         Internetwork Performance Monitor 4.2.1

8.         LMS Portal                                 1.2.1

9.         Resource Manager Essentials      4.3.2

Ensure you have set the Topology Status Poller

By default, only devices in the Critical Device Poller are polled for reachability (red or green), every 2 hours I think. If you want to ensure all devices on the Topology Services Map are polled for reachability:

  1. Go to Campus Manager -> Administration -> Data Collection -> Device Poller and set the checkbox to "All Devices", then set the polling time as appropriate (ours is set for every 10 minutes, or 0:10:00

You'll probably need to completely restart your Topology Services (main Topology Services window, File -> Exit to close all Java Topology Services windows) for any changes to this to take effect.

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