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LMS4.2 multivendor config mgmnt


Cisco is claiming to be multivendor with their prime (LMS4.x). But is this also the case for config management ?

Have someone experience with config mgmnt via LMS, i.e. archive configs from devices that are not cisco?

If not supported by default, does someone know a workaround (via API ?)

Once I ' ve created a perl script based on snmpget -set and tftp server. It should be nice if this could be integrated within the LMS portal.

Any comment or suggestions are welcome.



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LMS4.2 multivendor config mgmnt

LMS 4.2 support for non-cisco devcie currently is very limited. Mostly for Topology and Generic fault management support based on standard instrumentation.

For more details on API, you may try to ask in Cisco Developer Forum.


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LMS4.2 multivendor config mgmnt

I don't recall having ever found anything regarding LMS nor PRIME LMS on this forum.

To bad,


LMS4.2 multivendor config mgmnt

Many vendors are quick in claiming 'multivendor' and 'fully integrated' and cisco is no exception.

I've receive comments from cisco people saying the stucture of the used device packages is ever so simple. These packages tell ciscoworks how to do the things ciscoworks does on a particular device type.

I have however never managed to reverse engineer it in order to add 'other' device support. Maybe I'm lacking the java programing experience required for this. Maybe I just need a simple example to catch the idea behind it all.

If it would only be config backup, it would be a good start.  If someone here has done something like this, even if it is just scratching the surface, I too would be interested.



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