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LMS4 Roll out of VRF's across a network.

Is it possible with LMS 4 to roll out a VRF across several devices taking into account the unique RD value per device. I would like to use the loopback of the device that is having the config pushed to as the unique value i.e


ip address

ip vrf name

rd < RD containing unique value per device

route-target export 123:11

route-target import 123:11

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS4 Roll out of VRF's across a network.

The Virtual Network Manager component of LMS will want to use a common RD for all devices assigned to a VRF.  However, there are other deployment options.  You could use Netconfig with a parameterized user-defined template to deploy a VRF to a set of devices, using a unique RD for each device.  However, you will not be able to automatically assign the Loopback IP as the RD prefix.  You would need to manually do that in the Netconfig parameter file.

More about Netconfig user-defined templates (and how to create parameter files) can be found under Configuration > Tools > NetConfig > User Defined Tasks.

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