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local collector /poller on LMS

Hello guys,

i want to implement LMS to monitor our local network Devices and the network devices in remote site area.

my questions :

is there any local collector /poller on LMS ?

this local collector function is to collect data from local devices and provide those data to the LMS over WAN.

and do you know how much traffic will be generated if i want to monitor our device over WAN ?


Cisco Employee

local collector /poller on LMS

There is no such option available currently in Ciscoworks. The software has no plugin or any collector option which can be installed on Remote site to collect and send it to main server. Only till LMS 3.x we can have a master-slave setup betwen two server and manage different set of devices on each server/module.

With LMS 4x the Master-slave feature is still there only we dont have device sets to be distinguished per Server/module. Though module concept is removed to features can be enabled/disabledm, but Configration, Inventory and image management is mandatory feature.

A remote collector Option is again only for Syslog function where Syslog Collector can be remotely installed.

Ideally even if you manage your devices over WAN the traffic mostly generaed by LMS is SNMP which is a low priority protocol and wil depend on the number of device managed and number of jobs with their frequency.

There is limited usgae of Telnet/ssh, but can be configured as per scheduled jobs. For some deployement options we have some document to be considered in :

CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Deployment Guide

Cost Analysis Using CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution

CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 3.2 Deployment Guide



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local collector /poller on LMS

okay, thanks for the explanation.

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