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New Member

Log Space Usage

On the Common Services page, I have two logs that are way outside the recommended size.

CVDeviceSelector.log @ 7579 KB (Recommended size: 29 KB)

jrm.log @ 2833 KB (Recommended size: 1024 KB)

Should I be routinely looking at the physical log files for problems? Does the size of these logs indicate a potential problem? What can I due to ensure that these logs remain inside the recommended threshold?


Cisco Employee

Re: Log Space Usage

The recommended sizes are admittedly very low. Having log files exceed those sizes rarely causes any problems unless overall disk usage gets too high. The best thing to do to avoid any log file related problems is to configure Consult the online help in Common Services on how to configure logrot. Just search for "logrot".

New Member

Re: Log Space Usage

I too was wondering about this so after some searching I found that there is a perl script that you can run to back up and purge these logs. I created a bat job that runs each night after hours so at the start of each day the logs are clear.

net stop crmdmgtd

"C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\bin\perl" "C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\cgi-bin\admin\" -force -c:\log

net start crmdmgtd


Cisco Employee

Re: Log Space Usage

Logrot is the recommended may of rotating logs. For most logs, you can rotate them without having to stop Daemon Manager.

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