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Looking for infomation

I am looking for information that describes how bandwidth gets allocated. Like, why one user only gets half available bandwidth even if they are the only ones on the network and why this is.



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Re: Looking for infomation

In the absence of any QoS or other such rate-limiting mechanisms, network devices don't arbitrarily limit bandwidth for a given flow. All flows are subject to latency and processing delays inherent in the intervening devices; but beyond that, the devices in a network will process the packets up to their maximum throughput rate.

Usually it is the application that gates performance - i.e. it's chattiness (reliance on back and forth packets to manage communications along with the attendant delays up and down the protocol stack and on and off of spinning disk at each end), management of multiple users' sessions at the server, db calls, etc.

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Re: Looking for infomation

That's exactly what I thought but was being told different. I was trying to find info on that to prove or disprove. I was looking a TCP windowing to see if that was why they thought only half for one user.

Thanks for clarifying my point.


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Re: Looking for infomation

You might want to run something like ttcp - a freeware tool that allows you to make memory to memory file trasnfers across a network to measure troughput - to ascertain in a less application-specific sense the performance of your network. See for ttcp.

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