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Looking for input on a large CiscoWorks LMS 2.2 to 2.6 conversion -

Today there are 3 RME3.5/IDU13 servers running Solaris 2.8 and managing approx 13,500 devices total.

1 server is for Northern Cal devices

1 server is for Southern Cal devices

1 server is for devices not in Cal

Along w/ these 3 RME servers, we have 6 Campus 3.3 servers discovering certain networks across the organization. RME and Campus DO NOT communicate and swap device information.

I'm getting close to getting my LMS 2.6 Common Services and RME server running in a standalone state. I've looked around in the tool, have read documentation and 'am trying to come up w/ the best way to setup to try to change over and take advantage of the new single sever sign on feature but keep the geography structure the same. Also, should I maybe add an additional server to act as a single DCR server for the 3 RME servers?

I don't know how Campus interacts with the DCR server so I can't really speak on the issue. I would hope it discovers and feeds the DCR but don't know.

Also, do certain servers need to be configured as masters and some as slaves or something like that?

Input is appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for input on a large CiscoWorks LMS 2.2 to 2.6 conve

I'll answer some of the high-level questions here, but this type of design goes beyond the scope of this forum.

Since you need to install Common Services (and thus DCR) on all servers, dedicating a server to DCR might be a waste. Especially if you will be doing DCR master/slave since the DCR will be replicated on all servers.

All applications feed off of DCR. While they may cache certain device attributes, the applications will always go back to DCR to get updated credential and new device information. As such, Campus Manager Device Discovery will directly populate DCR with new devices and their SNMP read-only community string (or SNMPv3 username/password and engineID). You will have to manually add additional credentials to DCR after Device Discovery completes. This will be a big difference to your current LMS 2.2 setup. If you do not want this cross-population to happen, you will have to have a separate DCR setup for Campus Manager. You may even want each Campus Manager to have its own DCR (i.e. each Campus server is standalone).

For this type of configuration (at least for the RMEs), you should definitely use a DCR master/slave. This will allow you to replicate DCR for higher availability as well as maintain a single credential and device list store across all three servers. Note that because you are managing 13,500 devices, you will need to disable the auto-manage feature of RME, and manually manage the devices you want on each server.

Along with DCR master/slave, you should consider Single Sign On master/slave. SSO will allow you to login once, and then move to each server without re-authenticating. The downside of this is that it is authentication only. Each server will still need a local copy of all of the users for authorization purposes. A way around this is to use one ACS server, and integrated all three LMS servers with it. This way, both authentication and authorization can be centralized.

As for licensing, you will need six LMS licenses for this setup. You can separate applications on different servers and still only use one license, but when you start duplicating, you need another license. Note: Common Services is not licensed, so you can install as many of those servers as you want.

Finally, you should consider moving to Solaris 9 as Solaris 8 support will soon be dropped when we pick up Solaris 10.

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Re: Looking for input on a large CiscoWorks LMS 2.2 to 2.6 conve

Thank you very much for the input. I read through it once and don't understand even close to 100% but kind of get the picture. Once I've replied to thank you, I will read through it again, research what I don't understand or post more questions on this forum until I do understand.

Thanks also for reminding me about the versions of Solaris. Since I don't build the boxes out, I will get it to my Unix admin.

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Re: Looking for input on a large CiscoWorks LMS 2.2 to 2.6 conve

When we say "Replication", what all is replicated?....hopefully not the entite DBs for each of the 3 RME servers that are setup in a Master/Slave Environment.

Please Help me understand.

Will we need a lot more disk space? Will significant additional bandwidth be required? Please let me know so I'm not just throwing darts at a dart board and hoping to hit the bull's eye...

Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for input on a large CiscoWorks LMS 2.2 to 2.6 conve

All of the DCR information (device list, credentials, user defined fields, etc.) will be replicated across all servers in a DCR domain. This is ONLY DCR information, and will not include RME, Campus, DFM, etc. Each server will need at least the disk space to hold identical copies of the DCR data.

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