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loopback interface configuration on msfc

I have several 6500 in the same VTP domain that are used as access layer and trunk into two core 6500s with msfc.

We use vlan254 as the management vlan so all access switches have sc0 configed on that vlan.

My problem is that I can't assign an ip address on that subnet to the loopback 0 interfaces on the core msfcs. I get a error saying that "address overlaps with interface vlan254". Is there any way I can configure the loopback with an address on this vlan?



New Member

Re: loopback interface configuration on msfc

If the vlan254 subnet is say

your loopback addresses could be,,

depending on routing confiogurations you may need static routes.

New Member

Re: loopback interface configuration on msfc

the vlan254 subnet is actually 10.x.254.0 All of the switchs sc0 interface are 10.x.254.x.

This is why I believe I get this error. All other vlans interfaces are configured this way and there are no subnets left.

My only alternative is to use vlan1 subnet interface 10.x.1.x which I want to avoid since it is a backplane management vlan.

Any other ideas?



New Member

Re: loopback interface configuration on msfc

you will not be able to use 10.x.254.0/24 for loopback addresses.

Keep 10.X.254.0 for the sc0 ip addresses

do not use 10.x.1.x

have no interface vlan1 defined for 10.x.1.0

the switch will still use vlan1 for internal use.

but use the 10.x.1.1-254 for loopback addresses

interface Loopback0

ip address 10.x.1.1

for one switch then use

interface Loopback0

ip address 10.x.1.2

for the next switch and so on

this is how we are doing it.

interface Loopback0

ip address 10.X.64.1


interface Vlan504

description MDF

ip address 10.X.80.2

ip helper-address 10.X.X.X

ip directed-broadcast

set interface sc0 504 10.X.80.5/ 10.X.80.255

set interface sc1 down

set ip route 10.X.80.1

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