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Mac Address-Table Notification


Were trying to use the Dynamic Updates for MAC addresses.

For the Catalyste 3560 and 2960 it's working quite well. But nevertheless all other switches (like 2950, 3550 and 4500) were also accepting the same commands, the LMS doesn't seem to handle the received traps.

Any idea how to fix this?



Cisco Employee

Re: Mac Address-Table Notification

Hi Marc,

Make sure the switches sending the traps are correctly managed by Campus Manager; they should be showing up in the Data Collection results with a correct device type identified.

Second, try running a sniffer trace on the server to make sure the traps are indeed arriving on the server.

Make sure also that no filters are preventing the trap processing from those devices under Campus Manager > Admin > User Tracking > Dynamic Updates > Dynamic User Tracking Configuration

Cisco Employee

Re: Mac Address-Table Notification

There is a bug in Campus that trying to configure dynamic updates through Campus does not work on IOS > 12.2(40)SE. For those switches, you will need to manually configure the following commands:

Global commands:


mac address-table notification change

mac address-table notification change interval 15

Per-port commands:


snmp trap mac-notification change added

snmp trap mac-notification change removed

This is in addition to specifying the required trap destination. For example:

snmp-server host public udp-port 1431 mac-notification

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Re: Mac Address-Table Notification


Thanks for your replies!

The configuration of the switches wasn't the problem, because we were aware of this bug.

We can see the trap being sent by the switch, and see it being received by the server (using wireshark). All filters were turned off, but the server doesn't seem to process this trap.

The device we still have problems is a 4500 Catalyst with cat4500-ipbase-mz.122.44.SG.bin as running image.

Do you have any further ideas?



Cisco Employee

Re: Mac Address-Table Notification

This is CSCsu60016 which is caused by device bug CSCsv36934. Dynamic UT does not work with 4500 series switches right now.