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Mapping entPhysicalEntry to ifType

How can you map something from the entPhysicalEntry table ( to the ifType table ( when the entPhysicalAlias ( is blank? I would rather not pair them up by matching the interface name.

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There is usually no

There is usually no correlation required between Entity-MIB and IF-MIB, as entPhysicalEntry and entPhysicalAlias are from ENTITY-MIB and ifType from IF-MIB.

entPhysicalAlias is usually empty and blank. It is a RW object which can be written to a value by an NMS application.

his object is an 'alias' name for the physical entity, as specified by a network manager, and provides a non-volatile 'handle' for the physical entity. On the first instantiation of a physical entity, the value of entPhysicalAlias associated with that entity is set to the zero-length string. However, the agent may set the value to a locally unique default value, instead of a zero-length string.

If write access is implemented for an instance of entPhysicalAlias, and a value is written into the instance, the agent must retain the supplied value in the entPhysicalAlias instance (associated with the same physical entity) for as long as that entity remains instantiated.

You must share more details on what you are facing as a problem and what you want to achieve.




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My goal is to collect the

My goal is to collect the number of copper ports in-use versus total. I'm pulling the status and other information from the IF-MIB and whether a port has an SFP from the ENTITY-MIB.

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It appears that the

It appears that the entAliasMappingIdentifier table ( has the mapping I needed.

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