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MC3G60 System Uptime with SNMP

Hi All,

I would like to monitor our MC3G60 linecards on our UBR10k systems by SNMP,

and found this OID:

cefcModuleUpTime -


when I try to walk this OID, the system returns a 'No Such Instance currently exists at this OID'

Is this the correct OID to fetch the uptimes for our linecards ?

UBR is running on 12.2(33)SCG4

Community Member

MC3G60 System Uptime with SNMP


MC3G60 System Uptime with SNMP

Dag Joost,

I assume you can get other OID's from this device without a problem?

What you must understand is that there is an OID and an instance. To obtain the instance(s) you should walk the OID.  

So under you may find that there are 4 instances for your card. I make up something here to paint you the picture:

These 4 entries are then for you to collect to have the uptime of each card.

Now if the device says does not exist when you try to do a snmpwalk, it could be a number of things.

  • A SNMP view on the device could block at part of the MIB.( Chec kconfig e.g. exclude cisco
  • There could be a problem with the device agent (on device console try  debug snmp [packets|event|all].  Compare with other devices )
  • And last but not least, cisco has (like other vendors) the habit of implementing mibs partialy   :-|  It is possible that a documented OID simply does not work (yet). (sometimes the releasenotes shed some light on this)



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