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mimic FWSM auto TFTP copy on 'wr net' behaviour


we have a 6509e with a FWSM module installed. On the FWSM I have added the below lines in the config:

tftp-server inside /fw.config

which allows me to back up the config to our tftp server by simply typing:

wr net

Is there a way to do this on the switch module (WS-X6748-GE-TX) running IOS?

the alias command doesn't seem to have anything helpful, it has a limited subset of commands it'll accept.




Re: mimic FWSM auto TFTP copy on 'wr net' behaviour

To store, view, or erase the current configuration, use the write command.

write net [[tftp_ip]:[filename]]

write {erase | memory | terminal | standby}

The write net command allows you to store the current configuration into a file on a TFTP server elsewhere in the network. The write net command allows you to use the TFTP server IP address that is specified in the tftp-server command. If you specify both the IP address and pathname in the tftp-server command, you can specify the write net:filename command as a colon ( : ) as follows:

fwsm(config)# write net :

If you set a filename with the tftp-server command, do not specify it in the write command; instead, use a colon ( : ) without a filename. Many TFTP servers require the configuration file to be world-writable to write to it.

For further information click this link.

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Re: mimic FWSM auto TFTP copy on 'wr net' behaviour

thanks but that wasn't what I was after.

in the FSWM if you _add_ to the config while in enable/config mode the below line:

tftp-server inside dns.inside /fwsm

from that point on whenever you log onto the fwsm and make a change, all you have to do is type "wr net" and it will write out the config to the machine dns.inside with the file name "fwsm". basically you are pre setting the arguments for the tftp server.

I'd like to have this functionality in the 6509e's switch modules too. or something similar.

thanks for your reply aghaznavi.


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