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MiniUSB to MiniUSB Console on Switches


if a router / switch solution is in place on a remote site and the switch has issues then with a simple configuration placed onto the routers aux port and a rollover cable you can reverse telnet to the console port of the faulty switch.

However if you have a newer Layer 3 switch onsite with another switch, that is also faulty as per above example you are unable to configure the aux port as they do not have one. therefore unable to utilize the god switch to get to the console port of the faulty switch.

Is there a method whereby we are able to use the miniusb to miniusb console ports ie is there the ability to configure the USB port so that on the working switch you are able to configure it so that with addition of  miniusb - miniusb connection between the good switch and faulty switch you are then able to connect via console to the new switch.


I have not found a method whereby this can currently be used but is it something that Cisco are looking at placing onto new Images for switches etc


Or if someone has another method other than using webex to get to cable techs laptop.


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I haven't heard any rumours

I haven't heard any rumours of using the USB CON interface as a USB AUX as well, so I'm guessing that will be a long wait at best.

Most just get an old serial terminal server to handle everything. Avocent or Cyclades units can be had on eBay inexpensively. Alternately, installing an NM-16A (which can also be found cheap on eBay) or grabbing an old Cisco 2509 router will do the trick too.

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yep it was more of having the

yep it was more of having the ability that If a tech went to site then he could plug in a cable and provide us with the control and then we would have control to further trouble shoot similar in nature to the aux method on a router. Terminal servers are great along with the NM-16A's etc in routers used these plenty and great. But just thought I would put it out there about the miniUSB <-- --> Mini-USB to see if Cisco are listening as it would be a great feature.

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