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Mirroring port and bandwidth monitor

First of all, I wish greet you all.

My name is Juan Caillava, from Tucumán-Argentina.

I know this topic is already posted here, but I've read several questions and I can't find out the correct solution for my problem.

I have a network built under the "classic" topology: two stacked CORES (Cisco 3750) and several BORDERS (Cisco 2950).

All the hosts connected to the switches can reach the Internet throught a Cisco 2800 Router (connected to the CORE too).

I'd like to be able to monitor the bandwidth usage by the hosts. I've thought about two posible solutions, but I can't decide which to use, or which is the more convenient.

1) Use a netflow protocol program (a collector for the Cisco 2800 router). I don't like this option too much, because of the data update wouldn't be in real time, or at least less in real time than the other option.

2) Activate the CORE SWITCH Port Mirroring option, connect a Machine (PC, SERVER, o whatever) to that port, and run a software that listen in promiscuos mode so it can calculate, graph, and so forth several metrics (download/upload speed, protocols, site ranking, etc). With such a software, one would be able to filter by Source/Destination IP/MAc, etc.

The question is, Does such a program exist? or I'd have to code it by myself.

What do you think about this solution?

Is it feasible, or it's a bad idea?

Ok, thanks very much!



Re: Mirroring port and bandwidth monitor

In my opinion Netflow is the better option. Solarwinds makes a free real-time Netflow monitoring program. I've used it and it works well.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Mirroring port and bandwidth monitor

Thanks very much for your answer Collin.

I'll try that tool.

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