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Mismatch of discovery & data collection


I am using LMS 3.0.1 while doing discovery & data collection I found there are many differences.

discovery: 149 reachable

6 unreachable

This 149 devices showing as added to DCR.

Where as in divice discovery home page it shows 172 devices.

Data collection: 159

this 159 no of devices are sync with RME & DFM.

Where as the actual no of devices are more than 159.

We had tried discovering devices several times.

can u pls tell me why this discovery is not proper.


Re: Mismatch of discovery & data collection

I think DFM doesn't automatically take all devices from the DCR unless you configure it to do so.

RME out of the box is in sync. How many devices do you see in RME? Also if you click "Add devices" in RME device management, does it show the 149 devices there?

It may indicate that those devices were already in RME but someone marked them as deleted.

Also for RME to do it's thing you probably must add extra credentials to the discovered devices.



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Re: Mismatch of discovery & data collection

I am getting all the data collected devices in RME.But the problem is I am not getting the proper no. of devices while discovering .

Ok if some devices are missing in RME or DFM I can add extra credentials and can manually add them.

the biggest problem I am facing is I never get actual no. of reachable devices while discovering.


Re: Mismatch of discovery & data collection

Well, the discovery just hops from one host to another if it is a CDP neighbor. It may indicate you have some device of interfaces where CDP is not configured causing the CDP domain to be discontinuous.

You can circumvent this a bit by adding device to you seed list and also checking the box to use all devices in the DCR as seed devices.

But it will affect LMS (or rather Campus) ability to work out the network topology.

Last point, if the discover can't SNMP contact a device it can't become aware of all interfaces of that device, potentially making such a device show multiple times in the discovered device list.

I think discovery would be seriously enhanced if it would indicate the cdp hostname as learned from a previously discovered neighbor device.



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