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Mobile Wireless Fault Mediator


I have installed a MWFM with an LMS2.5

But whenever i open the MWFM from the Ciscoworks home page, it gives me a blank screen and says "unable to refresh. MWFM process may not be running".

But when i see the status of the process, it says all process are running and MWFM has started.

I also have DFM installed on teh same server. Is the problem due to this???

Please help..



Re: Mobile Wireless Fault Mediator

Reasons could be The MWFM server is down,GUI does not invoke certain servlets on the server,GUI has timed out.Refer the URL

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Re: Mobile Wireless Fault Mediator

Hi a-vazguez,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I am using a Sun Blade 2500 Server Machine for my CWLMS and MWFM. I have uninstalled the DFM, in case it was the reason for the malfunctionin of hte MWFM.But even after that, the same problem persists.

As per the guide you suggested, the command ps -ef does not exist. It accepts ps -e or ps -f and shows a long lists of process which also have all the ncp process listed in the guide.

The Heartbeat console button is always red. and whenever i click on it, i get an error "unable to connect to pdsnmgmt" where pdsnmgmt is the hostname of my CW server.

Looking forward to your reply....

Thanks once again...

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