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Monitor two ports on two switches with SPAN


I've been searching but can't find a suitable solution to what i'm sure is a very simple issue.

i have two 24port 2950's (running SI, not EI) connected with a trunk, with a firewall connected to each of the fa0/1 ports. i want to be able to see all traffic from these ports via SPAN or RSPAN from a port on one of these switches. i'd like to think this would be a single simple RSPAN session, but apparently despite the commands being there on the SI they will not run. I thought that i could use a SPAN session on each one, and use the output of the SPAN session from the second switch as an input to the first switch and then use that as an additional source port for the SPAN session on the first switch, basically chainging them together. *IF* this makes any sense i get stuck with how you would configure the port of the first switch. I mean how do you prevent the output of a SPAN session affecting the vlan's that are detailed in the traffic...

Originally i was just using a 10mb hub to combine the two span outputs, and basically want to remove the need for the hub.

Any info appreciated.




Re: Monitor two ports on two switches with SPAN

check out the following link for information on SPAN Features That Are Available and Restrictions on the Catalyst 2900XL/3500XL Switches :

hope this helps.

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