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Monitoring application and IP address help.

Hi all,

I need to help with monitoring whats going on on our network when our router

has loaded interfaces to full bandwidth.

So could someone help me how we can monitor(determine) which IP address and which protocol loaded our link to Internet on router.?

Border router is 2621 with IOS 12.3.16.

Any idea?




Re: Monitoring application and IP address help.

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Re: Monitoring application and IP address help.

Just make sure that your model supports RMON. RMON support on routers is actually very limited, its primarily used on switches.

If you have a NAM or switchprobe connected on the network you may be able to collect this info as well. Also, you might want to look into using IP SLA to see if it can give you info on performance and bottlenecks

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Re: Monitoring application and IP address help.

Correct me if I am wrong but standard mini-RMON doesn't help you with the cause only that it is occuring.

You need a NAM, switchprobe or a sniffer. Cheapest way is using a free sniffer like eatherreal. Connect it to a switchport where the trafic of the router is going through . Configure this port as span port. Then Span the source router port on the switch to the span port. Now you have to wait for it to occur again and then start sniffing a.s.a.p

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