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Monitoring each port of a NM-ESW-16 with Netflow


How can I monitor each port of an EtherSwitch?

I've already tried but, i have no result:

I've configured all ports into a VLAN1.

I've configured an IP Address for the card : Vlan1

So all PC or router connected in the EtherSwitch are in a same VLAN / LAN.

But when I monitor the router with the Netflow Analyzer, I cannot see the 16 ports of the EtherSwitch.

I just see the interface Vlan1.

But I want to monitor each port of the EtherSwitch.

Can you help me?

Many Thanks


Re: Monitoring each port of a NM-ESW-16 with Netflow


Please, which box do you using and which version, CatOS, IOS or Native IOS? Could you send me your netflow configuration? Did you also configure mls nde? Did you configure layer2-switched accounting?

For IOSes try the command:

ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan

ip flow export layer2-switched vlan

However, from the IOS guide: A PFC3B or PFC3BXL running 12.2(18)SXE or higher is required for this command, which enables NDE for all traffic within the specified VLANs rather than just inter-VLAN traffic.

If you are using a CatOS you may use the following command:

set mls bridged-flow-statistics enable

Kind regards


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Re: Monitoring each port of a NM-ESW-16 with Netflow


Thanks for the reply.

I'm using a 3825 with an IOS c3825-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.T2

This is my Netflow configuration i've put into the router :



ip flow-cache entries 9996

ip flow-export source Vlan2

ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-export destination 9996

!! is the PC monitor.


I cannot put the "ip route-cache flow" command

into each port of the EtherSwitch.

I've tried your solution, but ios have not this command :

ip flow ingress layer2-switched

The following are possible on with this IOS

ip flow-aggregation

ip flow-cache

ip flow-capture

ip flow-egress

ip flow-export

ip flow-top-talkers

Many thanks

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