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Monitoring IMA Bundle

Hi all,

I have a small issue I hope someone can shed some light on.

A number of the sites I help to support use ATM IMA bundles for WAN Access. Most of these are 3-5 T1s. The issue arises when one of these T1s goes down, we dont get any alerts via OpenView regarding the issue. The only clue we have is when users start to call to complain about slow response times. It doesnt appear that the managment server is receiving any traps for this event. The IMA interface is still up because the other T1s are still good. The routers seem to report everything else properly to the NMS.

We are running HPOpenView Release B.06.31 (Yes, I know this is a very old version, but there's nothing I can do about it).

The IMA-MIB is being used with Openview.

Platform is Cisco 7206VXR with NPE-G1 running IOS 12.3(8).

Is there a different MIB that should be used? Would the Cisco-IMA-MIB make a difference?

Problem in short:

Not generating traps when a T1 in an IMA bundle goes down.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Re: Monitoring IMA Bundle

The OIDs that could be used are -dsx1LineStatusChangeTrapEnable = . (Integer),dsx1LineStatusChange= . ().To chech the try snmpwalk community_string . command.To check the syntax of MIB used refer URL

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