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Monitoring interfaces for bandwidth availability?

I was wondering if cisco provides any software for free download to undertake basic monitoring of Cisco router interfaces for keeping a tab on my WAN links (when they go up or down) and can give me an average view of bandwidth available across them for SLA purposes.

Am I asking for too much? How do you guys take care of this? I would rather live with something that utilises SNMP traps than configure netflows. Aren't SNMP traps better than netflows, performance wise?

My routers are 1800 and 2800 series and running a bandwidth of 100 mbps between them. I have admin control on all these.

Pls advise!


Re: Monitoring interfaces for bandwidth availability?

basic & advanced monitoring: Nagios and Zabbix

bandwidth monitoring: You can use NMIS or RTG.

All of these products are free. They run great

on Linux platforms.

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Re: Monitoring interfaces for bandwidth availability?

I deployed Cacti and it does the job of bandwidth monitoring pretty well. What I was wondering was, is there something which can also tell me, (on an average) how much percentage/actuals have been allocated to me by the ISP at a given point in time?

A tool that can be set to send across a packet burst and come back to me with the total bandwidth being made available to me by the service provider?

Re: Monitoring interfaces for bandwidth availability?

One of the monitoring tool which is free and i use is MRTG. Its good and easy to use.

SOLARWINDS is one of my fav its not free but it has a lot of features and can be used for sla maintanince. Try the trial verison and let me know if you like it or not.

And yes i feel its beeter to monitor with snmp.

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