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Monitoring LAN to LAN Tunnels


I have a number of 3800 ISR with LAN to LAN IPSEC VPNS.

One One Gig port I have 18 VPN's my network monitor on alerts if the physical interface drops. I would like to monitor each tunnel and alert if it fails. I have tried a few different OID.

Can any one recommend what OID to monitor to alert a tunnel down.


Re: Monitoring LAN to LAN Tunnels

To monitor LAN to LAN Ipsec VPN tunnel

User these commands on routers.

Router# show crypto ipsec sa

Router# show crypto isakmp sa.

You can view the IPsec and IKE statistics when you select Monitoring > Statistics > IPSec on the VPN Concentrators.

For further information click this link

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Re: Monitoring LAN to LAN Tunnels

Thanks for the reply, but I am really looking for snmo monitoring rather than CLI.

I have tried watching phase one but is the tunnel state is UP-NO-IKE it alarms down.

If I watch phase two tunnel numbers, these change and the tunnel alarms down.

Right now I am alarming on the absence of any tunnel.

I am just wondering if there is a better way

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