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monitoring on the ASA 5500 series

I'm trying to find documentation on how to properly monitor internet traffic using the ASA 5500 series. Is there anyone that has found anything useful?

I'm trying to set up proper SNMP monitoring so i can see all the traffic coming in/out on all my interfaces. I have been unsucessful creating graphs to show this. I have on the homepage a traffic monitor, but i cannot figure out where the data is dumped to and how to expand on that monitor.

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Re: monitoring on the ASA 5500 series


I guess it depends on the sort of monitoring you are after.

I use Cacti to graph traffic of the interfaces in the Cisco ASAs. Depending on the traffic flows you can usually work out which interfaces a large amount of data is traversing through. There are also specific plugins for the ASA to assist with the setup.

If its actual data flows you are wanting to trace then you may need to enable netflow and use a netflow collector tool. This allows you to see the actual data flows that are going through the firewall.

The below page has some links regarding Netflow if your interested

Hope it helps


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