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Monitoring ONS chassis power failures

I've had a power failure on a ONS chassis which wasn't noticed by CiscoWorks LMS 2.6. The system showed it as a minor alarm. How do I monitor these alerts?

show facility-alarm status:

System Totals Critical: 0 Major: 4 Minor: 1

Source Severity Description [Index]

------ -------- -------------------

Chassis MINOR Chassis power supply B failed [6]


Re: Monitoring ONS chassis power failures

Can you capture the alarm logs and history for this node.

Let's check some more things.

1. Please retrieve the alarms by means of TL1 commands:

a) telnet 2361

b) > ACT-USER::UID:1::PID;

where: UID = user id (by default is CISCO15)

PID = password (by default is blank)

c) > RTRV-ALM-ALL:::2::,,,,,;

Please send me the output.

d) > CANC-USER::UID:3;

where: UID = user id (by default is CISCO15)

2. Could you load some default alarm profile from another ons which is fine?

a) You can do this from Provisioning->Alarm_Profiles->Alarm_Profile Editor, click

on load and choose a profile from other node that shows BAT-FAIL alarm.

b) Go to Alarm_Behavior tab and set the corresponding profile on Node_Profile, then

apply the change.

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