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Monitoring packet loss on ciscoworks.

Dose anyone know Ciscoworks can monitor packet loss? I find there is a threshold called Discard Threshold. Dose it equal to packet loss?

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Re: Monitoring packet loss on ciscoworks.

I think you are talking about the Discard Threshold in Cisco View mini RMON manager.

This wouldn't be total packet loss for your device though.

You would want to look at something else like IPM using IP SLA to get a sample of packet loss, but nothing in LMS will show you total packetloss.

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Re: Monitoring packet loss on ciscoworks.


Packet loss is hard. What is packet loss. Packet loss is a packet that has been send but didn't arrive. How do you know that? Well monitor packet being send as close to the source as possible and as close to the destination as possible and see what is missing. Also you could watch for TCP sequence numbers arriving at the source or at the acknowlegde ments. In all the cases you need extra equipment like probes.

Second less precise way is to look at errors, drops, discard numbers, collions, giants, runs ect. on the interfaces in the path. This can be done via ciscoview. Add all the numbers together and you have an indication. But in this method there is no guarantee. If something is lost during transmit on a cable and it is not detected as an error on the recieving interface it is not seen.

Maybe IPM is an option. IPM uses the SAA feature in routers and switches to send fake traffic. Maybe you get numbers of drops on the fake traffic. This will be a good indication what happens to the network.

Can you elborate what your problem is?

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