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Monitoring ppp multilink via SNMP

show ip interface brief determines if a T1 is back up and running; however, in a multilink configuration, it doesn't indicate that the T1 has been automatically re-bundled back into the multilink.  Typically the T1's are automatically rebundled; however, I have noted situations where it doesn't always happen and on these specific circumstances I'm needing to know when.

show ppp multilink gives this information as noted below:
  Bundle name: 0702FF262799E6BE7DB22FD50000009800000032
  Remote Endpoint Discriminator: [4] 0702FF262799E6BE7DB22FD50000009800000032
  Local Endpoint Discriminator: [1] Test-R01
  Bundle up for 2w2d, total bandwidth 4608, load 1/255
  Receive buffer limit 36000 bytes, frag timeout 1000 ms
    0/0 fragments/bytes in reassembly list
    2 lost fragments, 10538 reordered
    0/0 discarded fragments/bytes, 0 lost received
    0x2F7A6C received sequence, 0x46B279 sent sequence
  Member links: 3 active, 0 inactive (max 255, min not set)
    Se0/0/0:0, since 2w2d
    Se0/0/1:0, since 2w2d
    Se0/1/0:0, since 2w2d
No inactive multilink interfaces


My question is how can I pull the same information via SNMP so I can key off of the inactive state such that when it is anything but 0 send a specific trap?  More specifically the Branch OID as it isn't where one would expected it to be.

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