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Monitoring Tengigabit

I get from my monitoring tool wrong informations about th Tengigabit interfaces and Portchannel. Its running on 6506 with WS-X6704-10GE and WS-SUP720-3B. I installed snmpv1 there. Or I have to use a special MIB?

Are there other possibilities to get a interface updated faster. At the momenent each 30 sec its updated.

Regards, Bernhard


Re: Monitoring Tengigabit

What MIB objects are you polling? Since this is a Tengigabit interface, you have to poll the 64 bit counters using snmp v2c.

For example, ifHCInOctets ( instead of ifInOctets (

If the device is running IOS, try the following command (may be hidden):

snmp-server hc poll 1000

This will improve your update interval.

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Re: Monitoring Tengigabit

When i make a snmpwalk from the Commandline with the MIB ifHCInOctets i get the correct results back. I tried now different tools to get the same back, but always with an error. Is this snmpv2c configuration i have on the switches correct?

snmp-server group GROUPNAME v2c

snmp-server community COMMUNITYNAME RO

snmp-server user USERNAME GROUPNAME v2c



Cisco Employee

Re: Monitoring Tengigabit

snmp-server group and user syntax is typically used for SNMPv3 configuration and is probably unnecessary for your needs.

If you simply use

snmp-server community SNMPRO RO

that will turn-up both SNMPv1 and v2c stacks.

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