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New Member

Mozilla Telnet registration

Hi folks!

I would like to launch a telnet session from Device Center of LMS 2.6.

I'm on sun solaris 8 with mozilla 1.7.5 browser.

I registered the tlenet application into about:config mozilla page.

When I launch a device telnet, this line appear on unix prompt:

# telnet:// not found!

What I've to configure into mozilla?

Maybe it'a shell problem?



Cisco Employee

Re: Mozilla Telnet registration

Here is a Perl script I wrote to handle telnet URLs in Mozilla. You should just pass the URL as-is to this script, and it will handle the rest. You will need to rename the script to

Note: this script uses gnome-terminal, so you might want to change the options to call something like xterm if you don't have GNOME.

New Member

Re: Mozilla Telnet registration

Hi joe,

tks for te script, I also made a same ksh script.

The prblem now is on the gif in attachment..

The xterm window appear, the connection goes, but the telnet is frezed.

Running the script via cli, it goes ok!

What about that now?


Cisco Employee

Re: Mozilla Telnet registration

I saw this, too, on Solaris when passing a hostname (IP addresses were always fine). It may be an issue with xterm as I use gnome-terminal, and do not have this problem. You may try installing some other terminals, and see if you have better results.

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