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MRTG Web Interface

I found the graphing capabilties of HUM a bit restrictive and didn't really give me what I needed so I've set up a new Server to run MRTG specifically for graphing interface utilisation.

I've got MRTG working and it's creating the graphs but the tool just dumps a whole load of HTML files into a folder with no intelligent way of choosing the devices or interfaces. Basically you just have to navigate the directory until you find what you're looking for but this isn't helped by the fact that the filenames are not particulary meaningful.

Does anyone know of a Web Front End that can be added to a Microsoft IIS server that makes navigating these files easier. I've had a quick look at the Router2 tools but these proved difficult to get working..

Any ideas?

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Re: MRTG Web Interface

I used indexmaker at home to build a nice HTML index file for my various MRTG graphs:

You might also want to have a look at Cacti.  I use it at work in our lab for graphing various MIB objects.  It has a nice web-based interface with a database backend.

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