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NAM Commands

I have the following commands configured on my cisco 6509 with WS-SVC-NAM-2:

analysis module 4 data-port 1 capture allowed-vlan 2

monitor session 5 source vlan 50

monitor session 5 destination analysis-module 4 data-port 1

Correct me if iam wrong,that the first command captures all data traffic of VLAN2 and forwards it to NAM.Is this a equivalent of a SPAN Session?

From what i can see is that the data port 1 has two capture sessions to it.Is there any limitation on it.

Is there any problem in my configuration?

Thanks !!!

Cisco Employee

Re: NAM Commands

The first command is part of a VACL configuration. The VACL allows the NAM to capture data from WAN ports which do not otherwise support SPAN sessions. However, since your capure VLAN ID is so low, I suspect you may be using a VACL for a LAN VLAN. In this case, yes, all data from VLAN 2 is captured and sent to the NAM. I would need to see the rest of the switch's configuration to be sure, though.

With VACLs, you can set up multiple data sessions to the NAM. With SPANs, you are limited to two sessions -- one on each data port.

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