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NAT Internet IP to Local IP / VoIP traffic

Hi, I need to setup some rules for my SIP VoIP adapter to work reliably with my provider.  Currently I am experiencing quite a few missed incoming calls (go straight to voicemail) and do not have any specific VoIP incoming NAT rule, just a generic NAT rule for Internet access from the local networks.  I can usually make outgoing calls fine, occassionally I am not able to get a dial tone, but resetting the VoIP adapter usually fixes this.

I have a Cisco 877 and been to by my provider I need to create the following translations:


TCP/UDP Ports 8060 – 8065

TCP/UDP Ports 5060 – 5065

UDP Ports 35384 – 37384

Now I know how to create a PAT rule, but what I would like to do is create one NAT entry that fowards traffic from on the Dialer0 interface to my local VoIP adapter on and then only allow the specific ports through an access-list.  Is there a way where I can create an IP Address NAT rule rather than a global port rule?

Alternatively what is the best way to forward these ports.

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