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Need Help.

Dear Frineds,

can anyone guide me how to remove this unidentified trap from Device fault monitor section (LMS 4.0).

Kamran Khan

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Need Help.

Hi Kamran,

This is known issues with Fault Monitoring Alerts caused by steal entries in EPM database. To fix this, please run the below commands on your server's command prompt (this will delete all the data from the EPM database):

+ Stop daemon manager :

net stop crmdmgtd 

+ Re-initialize EPM db as below :

NMSROOT\bin\perl.exe NMSROOT\bin\ dsn=dfmEpm dmprefix=EPM


C:\progra1\CSCOpx\bin\perl.exe C:\progra1\CSCOpx\bin\ dsn=dfmEpm dmprefix=EPM

+ Start daemon manager:

net start crmdmgtd


Hope it help.

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Need Help.

command not working....please check

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Re: Need Help.

HI Kamran,,

I think, you're corrupted your Perl executable.  You will need to  either restore this from a file system backup, or reinstall Common  Services.


check the below link for more results on Unidentified traps:

you can stop this  by change the configuration on the Device , or disable the "InformAlarm"  from the notification Group under :     Admin > Network >  Notification and Action Settings > Fault Notification Group      From  the following Link you can check the traps that will generate "INFORM  ALARM" event :


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Need Help.

I see the permission issue is there. Check if you can righ click on command prompt and try to run it as administrator.

On the last try you have a type as /perl.exe and hence it is giving error as c:\perl.exe is not valid app, as there is no app under c:\ directory.

As one workaround, please try to change the permission of perl.exe for all the users as rwx and see if that works.


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