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Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

Has any used Netcool before with ciscoworks LMS 3.0. What i need to do is send notofications and alerts from ciscoworks DFM, Syslogs, SNMP traps to netcool dashboard so i can just have one event viewer for ciscoworks. is that possible?

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Re: Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

DFM can easily forward traps to any trap receiver. This is configured under DFM > Configuration > Other Configurations > SNMP Trap Forwarding. Other DFM events can be sent as trap or syslog notifications as well. You can define a notification group and related notification subscription using the interfaces under DFM > Notification Services.

Forwarding syslogs from RME is also possible. However, there is nothing built-in to do this. I have written a Perl script which can be used as an Automated Action script to forward syslog messages from RME to another host. See^1@@.1ddcf91c/0#selected_message for more details.

Re: Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

Thanks Joe.

Re: Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

joe, the link doesnt work mate!

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Re: Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

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Re: Netcool and ciscoworks LMS

You and I are doing the same thing. Here is my rules file for handling the CISCO-EPM-NOTIFICATION-MIB. I tested this in our lab but have not battle tested it yet in production. BTW I am using the NCKL 1.4 netcool rules with this rule file. I named my rule file dfm.rules and you will need to add a include statement for it in your mttrapd.rules.

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