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Netflow configuration failing

I am using Solarwinds Orion NPM to monitor performance of a client's network, and this was a nice and effective demo. But my client wants to know which application/user is taking more bandwidth on the link to a branch office, this led me to evaluating Solarwinds Netflow Traffic analyzer, and I used Solarwinds netflow configurator to configure netflow on the routers but to no avail. can somebody give me a clue to what should be done?


Re: Netflow configuration failing

ip flow-export destination

ie ip flow-export destination 9996

ip flow-export source loopback0 (optional)

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

ip flow-cache version 5 (or supported version)

snmp-server ifindex persist

On some platforms, the command is the following to set the netflow version.

ip flow-export version 5

Under each physical interface you'll need:

ip route-cache flow

HTH and please rate.

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Re: Netflow configuration failing


I can not tell from your description quite what the problem is. And without knowing what the problem is it is hard to tell you what should be done. Is the problem that the router does not have netflow configured, is the problem that the router has netflow configuration but is not generating statistics, is the problem that the router is generating the statistics locally but is not exporting them to the netflow analyzer? If we knew better what the problem is we would be able to give you better answers.



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