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Netflow, Dialer Profile Interface & NAT

I have a router with an ADSL connection to an ISP. The router has a single public IP address that gets negotiated on connection (PPPoA Dialer Interface), everything internal is NAT'd with this IP address. I have enabled Netflow exporting and am receiving stats on my receiver application OK.

The problem I have is I see 3 interfaces reporting stats - Ethernet0, Dialer1 and Virtual-Access2. Ethernet0 is showing ingress and egress stats, whilst Dialer1 is showing only Egress and Virtual-Access is only showing Ingress. I believe this is down to the way the traffic flows with the Dialer interface. If I do a 'show ip flow cache' I never see the Dialer1 interface as a source, although it is a destination. Sources are either Ethernet0 or Virtual-Access2. Dialer1 is bound to Virtual-Access2 therefore inbound packets over the DSL interface arrive on Virtual-Access2 with a destination of Ethernet0. Internally originated packets arrive on Ethernet0 with a destination of Dialer1.

SrcIf SrcIPaddress DstIf DstIPaddress Pr SrcP DstP Pkts

Vi2 Et0* 11 0103 0103 2

Vi2 Et0 11 0ABA 0ABA 1

Vi2 Et0 11 0103 0103 2

Vi2 Et0 11 0103 0103 2

Vi2 Et0 06 0747 044C 1

Et0 Null 11 01F4 01F4 1

Et0 Di1 11 0ABA 0ABA 2

Et0 Di1 11 0103 0103 2

I can understand the logic and why the stats are as they are but I cannot find any alternative way to configure the router so the Dialer interface shows ingress stats.

Has anyone done this before or knows a way around the problem?



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