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netflow egress accounting

I have an IOS version restriction to support critical apps. Based on the documentation, "ip flow egress" was introduced in 12.3(11)T. we currently have netflow version 9 enabled, which gives up ingress account only. what can we do to get both ingress and egress netflow accounting? is rolling back to version 5 a solution? thanks.


Re: netflow egress accounting

Ingress and egress on the same router, or the same interface? The former is possible. The latter is not.

I thought Netflow v5 is the one that's ingress only, but your post seems to suggest that v9 cannot work with egress instead. Would that be a bug specific to the IOS version you're restricted to?

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Re: netflow egress accounting

we want ingress and egress accounting on interfaces.

we are currently using 12.3(23), recommended by Cisco to support one of our critical apps. As I mentioned ip flow egress was introduced in 12.3(11)T, which is available on 12.4 mainline. in fact we deployed 12.3(23) less than 90 days. so upgrading IOS is not really an option. I am seeking an alternative to support interface egress accounting. I thought I heard a rumor netflow v5 can do it.

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