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Netflow issue

whats the difference between ipbase ios and ipservices.

Even i updated the WS-C3750E-48TD-S with ip base on cisco switch and configured the swtich wiht net flow commands

ip net flow commands working fine but i am unable to see the packets from switch and unable to monitor the net flow.


interface Vlan1

 ip route-cache flow
 ip flow ingress
 ip address
 ip access-group TEST in
 ip access-group TEST out
 ip accounting output-packets
interface Vlan2

 ip route-cache flow
 ip flow ingress
 ip flow egress
 ip address
ip flow-export version 5
ip flow-export destination 2055
ip flow-top-talkers
 top 50
 sort-by packets
ip route
ip access-list extended TEST
 permit icmp any any log
 permit tcp any any log
 permit udp any any log
 permit ip any any log
snmp-server community private RW
snmp-server enable traps syslog
snmp-server host version 2c private
snmp ifmib ifindex persist


whats the issue please help me out!


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Re the image difference, here

Re the image difference, here is a quote from the data sheet:

  • IP Base software includes advanced quality of service (QoS), rate limiting, access control lists (ACLs), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) for routed access, and IPv6 functionality.
  • IP Services software provides a broader set of enterprise-class features, including advanced hardware-based IP Unicast and IP Multicast routing, as well as policy-based routing (PBR).


Re Netflow, I've never had good luck getting NetFlow from a L2/L3 switch other than a higher-end model with the hardware support - i.e.,  4500 with Netflow Feature card, 6509 or 3750X with the Netflow network service module installed. I beleive the new 2960X models also have the necessary hardware support.


On other switches, the SVIs do not export the flow correctly even though the IOS allows you to enter the commands. I'm told it's due to hardware limitations as there need to be ASICs supporting the flow sampling. Reference.

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