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Netflow not reporting Egress traffic on 6509 Vlan


We have a pair of 6509 working in a VSS configuration (IOS 12.2(33)SX5). The 6509s connect to a pair of ASAs (7.2 code) running in an Active/Standby setup. These ASAs in turn connect to routers going to remote sites. I have configured Netflow on the following VLANS,

VLAN 10 - Servers Vlan

VLAN 9 - Transit/ASA VLAN (connects ASAs to 6509s). All traffic originating from any VLAN on the 6509 crosses this VLAN in order to reach remote                 sites and vice versa

I configured the netflow source VLAN 11 although I am not collecing any netflow from it.

Although I have been getting lots of Netflow info, I noticed that netflow for traffic originating from any user VLAN on the 6509s going to any remote site via TRANSIT/ASA VLAN(9) does not get reported, I even tested with 4 GB traffic but no result. Only reverse traffic (i.e. from remote site to user VLAN) is reported as it traverses the Transit VLAN (9).

I read somewhere that egress netflow is not supported in 6500, but isnt traffic originating from a user vlan to a remote site via the transit VLAN (9) considered ingress with respect to the transit VLAN (9)? 

I would like to know whether bidirectional Netflow is supported on 6500 VLANS. I have mimimum control on routers beyond the ASAs, and since these ASAs run 7.2 code netflow is not supported, and Monitoring this Transit Vlan gives me extremely useful info.

I do get netflow biderectional traffic from the Server Vlan 10, but I think it is correlated by the netflow collector from vlans 9 and 10

Below is a show run | inc flow

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan 9,10

mls netflow interface

mls flow ip interface-full

interface vlan 9

ip flow ingress

ip flow egress

interface vla 10

ip flow ingress

ip flow egress

ip flow-export source vlan11

ip flow-export version 9

ip flow-export destination 2055

All help is appreciated.


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