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Netflow wont do anything - me3800x


not sure if the ME3800X is currently supported for netflow?  It takes the commands ok but we cannot get export:

lonppe01#show ip flow interface


  ip route-cache flow

  ip flow ingress

  ip flow egress

lonppe01#show ip flow ex

Flow export v1 is enabled for main cache

  Export source and destination details :

  VRF ID : Default

    Source(1) (Loopback0)

    Destination(1) (9090)

  Version 1 flow records

  0 flows exported in 0 udp datagrams

  0 flows failed due to lack of export packet

  0 export packets were sent up to process level

any ideas? 

Many thanks



Netflow wont do anything - me3800x

Hi Nicholas,

The Cisco feature navigator shows ME3800 with IOS 15.xx supports NetFlow export but configuration guide for the device does not show any NetFlow commands. Check the below link for the feature navigator:

I dont see ME3800X in the above list and so I selected ME3800 from the platform list.

Just to try, Can you use the below commands and check how it goes:

ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

And also, enable NetFlow on all your L3 interfaces. NetFlow v1 is not used anymore and the reason to change active flow timeout is because all your network conversations may be long lived ones and thus will ge exported only after they expire.

If it still does not work, I suggest asking Cisco TAC if NetFlow is supported on the device.


Don Thomas Jacob

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