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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I am trying to understand NetFlow and have the feeling I may ne missing something. I was under the impression that to use NetFlow you needed to have a NetFlow card, but most of my reading around the site would indicate that its all done via software.

Please could someone correct me on this. We have a 6500 with MSFC2

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Re: NetFlow

Thanks for the reply. A couple of other questions - we are using mls on the 6500 - is it possible to monitor the traffic on mls as well.

Also I read about a PFC is this needed at all?

Lastly - can I use Cisco LMS as a flow collector or does it need another (third party?) application.

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Re: NetFlow

You can use Cisco collector, you can export netflow version 5 or 7 from the mls,

see command mls nde and mls flow ... or visit for information how to configure netflow export for the Native IOS.



Re: NetFlow

Keep in mind the flow table size is entirely dependent on your msfc version. PFC3b can only handle 128K flows in the table and has a pretty horrible hash efficiency. The BXL is better, but still only has 256K flow entries in the table. I cannot use netflow in my 6500's or 7600's becuase I push around 300K flows per second through the boxes....

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Re: NetFlow

Hi Paul,

This might not be the answer you are expecting but as far as I know most/all of the "NetFlow" features are performed via software BUT be sure that your hardware is capable of supporting it. Hardware means Engine version, memory size, processors and so on...

I am sorry no one else has replied to your question.

Maybe we are visting the wrong forum.



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Re: NetFlow

Upsss, I just saw the replies...

I apologize =S

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