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Network backup


I use to take the network backup manually using solar wind TFTP.Backup comprises both the config + IOS images. Till yet i am storing them on my laptops.But in order to increase further security and availability in case i crash / loss my laptop i was thinking to put it on some file server.

I just want to share the experience of other people , what you are doing for this process. Any SOP being made, any cisco recommendations or some online secure share available over the internet.



Re: Network backup

We use Solarwinds NCM for this. We configured it to backup configs nightly (can back up IOS too) and I get notified by email if it fails or if a config has changed from the previous day.

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Re: Network backup

What is your policy regarding the storage of files ? How many last version do u save ? How often you back up IOS ?

I have Cisco Works with me but never configured it properly. Can it be helpful for this?

Re: Network backup

We keep all versions, they're text files so they compress well and disk space is cheap. We don't back up IOS. Our security policy mandates we update IOS quarterly so keeping IOS doesn't make much sense for us. If we ever needed it and couldn't download it, we could just pull it off another device. CiscoWorks can do this for you as well. I couldn't imagine running it on a laptop though.

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