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Network Discovery not populating hostname

I have 2.6 setup and I'm having problems with the hostname not populating in my device lists. After running a discovery in Campus Manager, the only thing that is populated in the DCE is the IP address for the hostname, IP address, and Display Name. I know that it can poll the hostname because it shows up in the DME inventory details.

This is part of a secondary problem that I'm struggling with. I'm trying to find a way to create custom groups based on the hostname.

Is there anything that I need to change in CW or on the devices themselves. They have SNMP, CDP, VTP, and Syslog setup, but not DNS.

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: Network Discovery not populating hostname

You need to verify that the management IP address (i.e. the one in DCR) is properly resolvable to a hostname using the NMSROOT/bin/ utility:

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/

Once the IP is resolving properly to a hostname, that hostname should be updated in DCR upon a successful Device Discovery. To get the display name to update in DCR, you will need to set nameserver.updateDCRDisplayName=true in NMSROOT/campus/etc/cwsi/, then re-run Discovery.

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