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Network management tools

Does any one have any documentation/studies that compare third party network management tools. For example side by side specs/comparisons of Openview, What's up Gold,Spectrum, MRTG ect.ect?

I am looking to purchase some management tools and was looking for some spec/stats to help me make a decision.

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Re: Network management tools

Excellent question..!

2 thinks. You can pay a lot of money for software or setup you own utilitys.

Don't pay for software with many options and features. buy one for each support you needed.

snmp software "Excellent"

ping software

logs software

Network monitoring...! FlukeNetworkInspector.

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Re: Network management tools

I am right there with you. I don't want to spend a bunch of money but I need some sort of specs that compare these utilities to take to my manager to prove that they same thing.

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Re: Network management tools

Personnaly, i use this combination of products...

1. What's Up Pro 2k6 (network availability)

2. CiscoWorks (Network Analysis and Polling)

3. Cacti (Link Utilization)

4. Nagios (Server Monitoring)

5. NetFlow (Data Monitoring)

Yeah, it make a lot of work to configure all these products, but it worth the time...

If you need further information, just ask...

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