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Network Management via Serial port

I must explain first of all I am a complete novice regarding Cisco systems. I apologize if this is not the correct forum, or this question is inappropriate, but I need to start somewhere!

I am a software engineer, and am required to extract information from a VOIP telephone system (Nothing sinister, just for turning lights on and off via telephone). My customer has purchased a Cisco 2801 router which is what he believes is required to allow me to get the data I need, via a serial input to my system.

My questions are: Firstly, is this feasible? I just need to have a serial dump of the VOIP data passing through the router (presumably in ASCII), from which I can extract the caller and the callee. Is it simple to configure the router to provide this data? Can someone point me to where I can get the relevant information?


Re: Network Management via Serial port

The cable between the switch and the IP phone should be straight through, as well as the cable between Switch and the Router, if the Catalyst switch supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), then you can plug the IP phone to any of the switch ports and the IP phone should come up, it will be auto configured once the router is configured for CME. In the Gateway the configuration you need to apply is explained in the document attached to this email, please note that you need to perform the following tasks:

Configure an IP address in the Fastethernet interface.Configure DHCP in the IOS gateway.Configure NTP

Set up the IP phones allowed and configure the extensions.

Cisco CallManager Express (CME): All Versions


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