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Network monitoring

Hi all,

I have a question about network performance monitoring. What attributes do you guys recommend or typically monitor to get the overall big picture health of your network?

We have a network with an edge router, firewall, a couple L3 switches for our intranet, some distribution switches, and lastly access switches. We utilize VLANs for our various subnets.

Right now I monitor via SolarWinds toolset tables and charts the following:

1.      The CPU and physical memory of the edge router, firewall, and L3 switches.

2.      The response rates to several inside and outside addresses.

3.      The total bandwidth utilization rate of the key interfaces on those devices: firewall inside and outside, edge router serial interface and ethernet interface.

4.      I also chart snmp messages with Kiwi syslog server.

What is the best technique to measure virtual interfaces? My VLAN interfaces seem to not be showing any real traffic.

What else would you recommend monitoring?

Cisco Employee

Re: Network monitoring

For VLAN interfaces, you can monitor raw throughput if your devices support the CISCO-SWITCH-ENGINE-MIB.  Check out the cseL3Vlan* objects in that MIB.  I would also recommend you start monitoring environment data such as temperature, voltage, fan status, etc. along with card health.  Some of this can be done with traps/syslogs, but something like temperature is a good thing to watch.  Again, depending on device type, the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB can be useful here.

If you are using inline power on your switches, monitoring power consumption from your end devices can be a good thing.  You should look at the POWER-ETHERNET-MIB for watts used on a per-port basis.


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