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Network Setup Advice / How to


I'm hoping for some advice on how to reliably resolve my network problems which are beyond my basic knowledge. I have a feeling that some decent hardware might help and was looking at the 877 ADSL router which is how I ended up here, and I thought it advisable to ask before leaping in... anyway, enough preamble, here's what I am looking to do.

Using a BT ADSL connection, I want to have a internal private LAN, possibly with wifi (but not necessarily). The problem comes when I want to have a public (or at least guest) wifi system distributed around the building (at least 3 access points or similar required due to the size and shape of the building). The current BT router doesn't allow me to setup firewall rules to restrict access from the guest wifi to the private side, and needs replaced but what with?

Would an 877 series router be a good option for this setup, with wifi access points setup using vlan? Or would there be a better way?

I'm also concerned as to whether I may be able to setup the 877... I have seen that there is configuration software... is this usable by someone non-Cisco trained such as myself?

Anyway, apolgies for the length of this post, I thak you in advance for your time (and hopefully) advice.

Many Thanks


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Re: Network Setup Advice / How to

ps. there is ethernet cable throughout the building so the wifi points could use that (and might function better)... there are at least 3 separate areas that i'd like guest wifi access available in

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