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Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

Money isn't the issue here, but something affordable would be preferred. I need something that will let me simulate, http, https, SQL, MAPI SIP, etc from a server to an endpoint. This tool needs to output the results to some type of report on various stats, latency, jitter, etc if possible.

Not looking to run 18 freeware programs for results, I realize it will take a dedicated server and endpoints installed, this isn't a problem. Windows preferred if possible.

No, MRTG, Prtg, or any other ping/monitor program isn't it either. I have solarwinds Orion currently.

Management wants network group to run after changes to verify well known services work.

A network traffic stress test such as SolarWinds WAN killer doesn't quality since I need it to simulate multiple tcp ports and protocols.



Re: Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

What level of "simulation" is expected though? If it's simply emulating the apps' connectivities without the actual payloads, the IP SLA functions built-in to Cisco IOS might fill some of the requirements with a mix of "type tcpConnect", "http get", whatnot. The IPM piece of CiscoWorks LMS can handle the IP SLA configuration and reporting for you.

If mgmt wants the simulations full-bore, HP Sitescope is one tool that comes to mind for testing HTTP and HTTPS content. The other apps would need specialized traffic generators, too.

Nothing can replace having the end users testing it out themselves though.

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Re: Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

Full bore simulation with zero cost. :) Agreed on the endusers. Need something that I can generate 1meg of traffic across http/cifs/pop3/H323/ftp, etc to an endpoint.

Re: Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

With IXIA you can generate any type of traffic.

Also you can generate gigs of traffic.

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Re: Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

you also have to pay them $$$$$$$$$ to get that. I can't believe there isn't a Linux open source alternative. Been searching on google and nothing is popping up. Wonder if all the open source stuff have been bought up and made commercial?

Re: Network Test tool for http/Mapi/SQL/SIP etc.

Can't really speak on that, I have mainly being using Ixia for traffic generation.

I found on google:

Don't know what it's worth, I have not tried it.

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