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Nexus 7010 role permit commands not working


I have a Cisco Nexus 7010 switch that incorporates roles with specific allowed commands that can be run. However, a few commands will not work for unknown reasons.

The commands 'show system redundancy status' and 'command show version module *' (without single quotes) return a permission denied response when logged into this role:


VA2TSN01c7010nxA01# show system redundancy status

% Permission denied

VA2TSN01c7010nxA01# show version module 1 epld

% Permission denied


Below are the configs for this role:

role name new

  rule 10 permit command clear access-list counters *

  rule 9 permit command show version module *

  rule 8 permit command show system redundancy status

  rule 7 permit command trace *

  rule 6 permit command ping *

  rule 5 permit command term *

  rule 4 permit command show *

  rule 3 permit read

  rule 2 deny command configure terminal

  rule 1 deny command *

Role: new

  Description: new role

  Vlan policy: permit (default)

  Interface policy: permit (default)

  Vrf policy: permit (default)


  Rule    Perm    Type        Scope               Entity


  10      permit  command                         clear access-list counters *

  9       permit  command                         show version module *

  8       permit  command                         show system redundancy status

  7       permit  command                         trace *

  6       permit  command                         ping *

  5       permit  command                         term *

  4       permit  command                         show *

  3       permit  read

  2       deny    command                         configure terminal

  1       deny    command                         *

Please help me understand why these rules aren't working even though the rules are present.

Thank you.

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