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Nexus NTP Issue

I have a Nexus 5598 with a layer 3 moudule.

I have configured NTP and this is working to the peer source, via a FW.

My problem is, that I have configured Distrubute so that down stream Routers/Switches can source their NTP update from the Nexus Switches.

However when I configure the down stream devices to receive updates from the loopback address the, the association is left in .INIT. state. If I configure to use a VLAN HSRP address the ntp assocaitaion work's, ass follows

  address         ref clock       st   when   poll reach  delay  offset   disp

~x.x.x.10     .INIT.          16      -   1024     0  0.000   0.000 15937.          - loopback

~x.x.x.11     .INIT.          16      -   1024     0  0.000   0.000 15937.      - loopback

*~x.x.x.254    x.x.x..227     3    115    128   177  2.136  23.156 66.268    - HSRP

NTP debug on a down stream switch, shows the ntp message being sent with no reply to the loopback, the loopback address is pingable.

Has any one seen this sort of issue ?

Many thanks

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Nexus NTP Issue

This is a known issue.  Search this forum for "Nexus NTP" and you'll get alot of hits.

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