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No access to router with CiscoCP

When trying to connect to a remote ISR router with CiscoCP, I get the message: "HTTP connection to the device is blocked. Allow HTTP traffic and rediscover the device"

I have followed the advices at

Router(config)# ip http server

Router(config)# ip http authentication local

Router(config)# username <my own username> privilege 15 password 0 <my own password>

Router(config)# line vty 0 4

Router(config-line)# privilege level 15

Router(config-line)# login authentication default

Router(config-line)# transport input telnet

Router(config-line)# exit

I try to connect from outside a cellular 0 interface on a 881 with 3G.


Re: No access to router with CiscoCP

Discovery fails then this is bug CSCsm89756. Discovery fails for a user when the user is not configured for both vty access and HTTP access using the same authentication method. For one user, the credentials for vty access and HTTP access must be the same, and the authentication method must be the same. For example, the authentication method may be authentication local, or authentication aaa, but it must be the same for both types of access

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Re: No access to router with CiscoCP

good hint...

The problem is that it seems to be no options for setting "line vty 0 4" and "ip http authentication" to the same method ?

In configure mode for "line vty 0 4" , login authentication gives the optins "WORD" and "default".

In configure mode for "ip http authentication" , I have the optins "aaa", "enable" and "local".

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